Tom Söderlund

My name is Tom Söderlund, and I'm a video game/digital product designer and entrepreneur. I'm the creator of the augmented reality game Ghostwire, the location-based game BotFighters, as well as founder of the web startups Thingspotter and Zyked.

To learn about my past, check my biography or my profile/CV on LinkedIn. See also my projects portfolio on Ideabank.

Some days I mull over the future of technology, but I'm really more of a doer than a thinker. Conceptual design is probably what I do best.

Currently: Starting to work again on September 2nd after 8 months of paternity leave. I will divide my time between my startup and consulting in video game/digital product design. Might spend a tiny bit of time on my leisure project Skoj Med Barn.

I'm ... years old, based in Stockholm, Sweden, married to Paulina and have two small kids.

Get in touch on Twitter (@tomsoderlund) or email (...)!