The Three Zone Navigation System


Introducing the Three Zone Navigation System, an intuitive navigation design system for apps and websites.

What if all apps and websites had a similar navigation system? It would be much more intuitive, as you don’t have to spend time on figuring out how to use a new service.

You are probably using the Three Zone Navigation System in many apps and websites already, without thinking about it.

The three zones are:

  1. App Zone
  2. User Zone
  3. Help Zone

The App Zone is located in the left-top corner. This is where you typically have a hamburger menu and navigation menu for the different parts of your app.

The User Zone is located in the left-right corner. This is where you have user profile, account and billing, etc.

The third zone is the Help Zone, located in the bottom-right corner. This is typically just a chat box as made mainstream by Intercom etc. This is where you reach when you need help.

[caption id="" class="wp-caption" data-width="700" data-height="648"]Codepen of Three Zone Navigation System in action[/caption]

See this codepen to see the Three Zone Navigation System in action.

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