DLC: in Need of Better Terminology


I’m lacking better terminology for DLC (downloadable content) for games. Terms like “DLC”, “content packs”, “microtransactions” are used interchangeably, ambiguously and confusingly.

Here’s my suggestion:

  • DLC: all forms of downloadable content.
  • Box Product: the opposite of DLC.
  • Add-On: umbrella name for all expansions/microcontent, downloadable or not.
  • Expansion: larger addition of content, adds roughly 50% of original gameplay. Can be DLC or box product.
  • Microcontent: smaller DLC including sprite packs, level packs, etc.
  • Patch: free game update with bug fixes and features.
  • Bundle: collection of games, or game + add-on. Can be DLC or box product.

Do you have a better set of definitions? Please comment!