Pocket Coder — coding JavaScript on the go


I made a trip to Italy recently, and on the plane I started thinking of a coding problem I was working on at Weld. I had a rough idea, but I wanted to express it as an algorithm. I didn’t want to boot up my laptop and go into full coding mode — I just wanted to play around with this algorithm.

I started thinking about a small phone app where I could try things out in JavaScript without having my computer around. Something like JavaScript Anywhere, but with more focus on the JavaScript code rather than a full web app with HTML/CSS.

So, when I got to my hotel, I started coding on a small iPhone/Android app to do just that (using Cordova). The result was Pocket Coder:

(You can download Pocket Coder for iPhone or Pocket Coder for Android)

I tried an early version on my return flight to Stockholm a few days later. It was rough but did what it was designed to do: allowing me to test and tweak my algorithm without opening my computer. And I kept using it, on the subway, in bed, in the bathroom…

Anyway, Pocket Coder comes loaded with Lodash and JQuery, which are tools I use on a daily basis. It also has a small library of frequently used code snippets:

Finally, it comes with a built-in SVG canvas (powered by SVG.js) for easy drawing:

Download the app and let me know what you think!

(and if you don’t like coding, try Weld instead!)