Expo organizational structure for small product


ExPO: an organizational structure for lean startups

I recently worked with Ola at Goo Technologies on organizing the team. I could make parallel references to the Weld team and organization, although Weld is much younger and smaller.

The model I suggested was three-tiered:

  1. Experiments. This is where things are validated. In a startup’s early days (i.e. where Weld is now), this encompasses the entire organization - it’s all one big experiment! In this group you’ll find business development, new product development, and experimental marketing activities.
  2. Product. As soon as a first customer group and product has been validated, this is the organization’s main effort. This group covers regular product development, growth-oriented marketing, community management, and support.
  3. Operations. This is the infrastructure of the organization. Hosting, legal, bookkeeping. Keep it lean in the beginning.

Ola didn’t quite go for this simple structure, but this is how I want to build Weld.