Landing Page Product (LAPP)


I want to build, and encourage others to build, this kind of web product:

  • You get immediate value from the product, right from the landing page.
  • No signup needed to use (initially).
  • No purchase needed to use (initially).

The idea started with this tweet, and Mikael Emtinger came up with the excellent name: Landing Page Product (LAPP). A product that is fully enjoyable on its landing page. Another way of putting it: the app is also its own sales presentation.

Building a LAPP

What do you need to consider when building a Landing Page Product?

  • Removing dependencies to having a User object in your data structure.
  • Storing data in localStorage before the user has signed up.
  • Possibly generating a unique user ID (uuid) and storing it in localStorage.
  • Measuring all events leading up to user signup.

Immediate Value Product (IVP)

Maybe “Immediate Value Product” (IVP) is a better name? Compare with Minimum Viable Product (MVP).