Starting a startup: step-by-step


Here’s my own checklist on how to start a company. This list is work-in-progress and I will add to it as I learn.

  1. Find an area where you can be passionate. What community (people, meetups) do you want to belong to?

  2. Commit 100%, nothing less - you won’t see true results before you do. If you’re not a millionaire this will be tricky before you’re funded or profitable, but set a strategy on how to get to 100%.

  3. Begin in Google Keyword Planner to learn how many are interested of the problem you’re solving. Later you can do AdWords and custom landing pages to collect email addresses.

  4. Think about distribution. Is the user = the buyer? That will make it simpler.

  5. Get advisors that are also ambassadors. Quora is a great extra advisor.

  6. Take shortcuts everywhere, but don’t skimp on user experience. Make sure UX is 100%. I recommending building products top-down, starting with prototypes that look close to the final product.

I would love some feedback on this! Please comment below.